Kunert is an innovative representative of a new generation of highly motivated and passionate musicians. This generation has built up and reinterpreted an extremely multifaceted repertoire while demonstrating great openness to alternative concert forms and developing vibrant, up-to-date methods of musical communication. Kunert is personally committed to enabling audiences to experience music as the language of the soul and as a vital part of our cultural identity. He aims to give the younger generation, in particular, truly creative artistic experiences that complement but also offer an inspiring alternative to an increasingly technological world. Kunert’s highly virtuosic, stylistically differentiated, nuanced and animated performances are moving and evocative. His completely new way of approaching even well-known works captures listeners’ imaginations, prompting them to listen attentively.

Since 2004 Christian M. Kunert is solo-bassoonist of the Hamburg Philharmonics as well as of the Hamburg State Opera. He is very successfully performing in symphonic orchestras, chamber orchestras and as a soloist.

In 2008 he won the second prize as well as the public’s choice award at the 57th music competition of the ARD in Munich. Since October 2010 he is teaching as a professor at the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre.

Zentrum für Berufsmusiker

Hamburger Philharmoniker

Staatsoper Hamburg


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